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What I do

Full Stack Web Development

We Provide full stack web development services. We develop web application using Javascript as programming language and follow MERN stack. For server side language we use Node.js, for database we use PostgreSQL for relational databases and mongodb for non-relational databases.

Cyber Security Services

We also provide cyber security, web application security services. We believe in secure coding and safe internet services. We respect privacy of our customers and their security on the web is our first priority. We regularly scan our clients web applications for vulnerabilities, apply relevant patches and provide security updates with feature updates.

ios App Development

We develop ios Applications also for apple iphone and ipad. Till date we have developed 6 app store applications. We develop ios application using swift for some projects, and some are built using react native. Our breakthrough project was a Augumented reality application developed using Swift, SwiftUI and little bit of machine learning.

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Who I am

Full Stack Developer, Cyber Security Begineer and full time learner

I am a computer science university graduate. I provide services in full stack developement using Javascript. My stack is MERN which stands for MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js. I use HTML, CSS, Javascript and React for front end, for Database I use PostgreSQL for relational data and MongoDB for non-relational data. For developing backend of an web application I use node.js as backend language and express as framework.

I have huge interest in cybersecurity. I am currently a newbie, learnig it from last 2 years It is a vast field will take some more year to get a good understanding of it. I love learning new stuff and practically implementing it. For more info you can take a look at my projects and if you like it or have any suggestion you can text me on any of my social media handle given below.

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My Work

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google_homepage rock_paper_scissor Game sketch pad for all artist documentation of JS calculator robofriends developed with react face detection application background generator drum kit for music enthusiasts home pattern
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